Born out of the love for classic & timeless pieces, Kim Gray General Store is about stripping back to the basics; creating a space to feel relaxed in, take pride in, be playful in, yet have a sense of organisation and flow. Turn the every day & ordinary chores into more of a sustainable concept; of love for the home, your environment & family.

I have fond memories as a child, of my parents starting The Hout Bay Trading Post in South Africa. Me, playing shop assistant, handing out old fashioned sweets and fudge to customers. Fragrant hand cream in amber glass bottles, crisp white shirts, classic denims & great kitchen linens are imprinted in my memory.
Now, with a family of my own, the products I have chosen are influenced by this classic heritage and are the types of products I marry into our every day living. Sustainability is at the forefront and so we aim to provide you with products that add quality and value to your life. The right tools turn chores into rituals. 
All the products chosen for Kim Gray General Store should fit seamlessly together, taking the guess work out of your purchase. Either way, I am always here to help and to guide in creating a world that is simple & sincere. 

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