Linen Pillow Case Set  (Pre Order)
Linen Pillow Case Set  (Pre Order)

Linen Pillow Case Set (Pre Order)

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We are delighted to welcome Cats & Boys. Orders are based on pre-order basis and depending on the volume of orders, will notify you on shipping times. A minimum of 2wks - 3wks is expected. Prewashed 100% linen

50 x 70

Machine max. temperature 30°C. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not Dry Clean.

// Please note that size may vary slightly due to the fabric type.

Catsandboys makes contemporary craft bedding for kids while keeping their parents in mind. We believe in sustainability, fair trade and good quality. Our design is made with care to last with timeless simplicity, based on traditional craft techniques with general intention to slow down. Every piece is treated with necessary care.

Our bedding has a gentle look and it is made from quality materials to keep little ones and their parents calm and comfortable. Each unique
item is crafted with love and represents a small piece of sustainable simplicity.